Ethan Hu
Ethan Hu

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Ethan  Hu

Class of 2020 - Parsippany, NJ
Throughout his high school career, Ethan Hu explored his interest in the business world through a wide range of close-knit summer programs. Wanting to continue and improve upon his knowledge within the field, Hu began searching for the same sense of closeness when looking for a liberal arts school to attend with a strong business program--he happened to come upon Washington College.


“I came here looking for a small school that has a strong sense of community,” Hu said. “I wanted that liberal arts experience because being surrounded by those with different majors and experiences not only encourages students to meet with a wide variety of people, but also encourages and promotes intellectual curiosity amongst students; with intellectual curiosity, comes growth.”

Through his experiences within the business department, as well as the economic and theatre departments, Hu managed to gain a combination of interchangeable, fluid skills he could apply to any , thanks in large part to the assistance and encouragement from his professors and peers.

“The interesting thing about WAC is that, because it is a small community, the professors in the department are willing to take the time to help and motivate their students to reach their potential—I’ve gotten a lot of great support and help from professors in all of the things I’ve done,” he said. “Because of the size of the school, professors really get the chance to learn about who each student is, and not just as a name or face.”

Throughout his college career, Hu felt that he had gained a lot from his experiences here at the college; not only did he increase his knowledge and hone in on his skills in the field, but also the value of hard work, determination, and willingness to go the extra mile in the business world.

“During my time at WC, the faculty has been extremely helpful when it comes to determining my major, Senior capstone projects and planning for my classes,” Hu said. “Many professors were willing to work with me and my plethora of questions including those about my career and which classes to take.”

Ethan's Four Year Plan

Year 1

FAVORITE CLASSFYS: The Business of Organized Crime

During his freshman year, Hu took one of the most interesting, creative classes he had ever encountered--learning about how business worked within the realm of crime. Through extensive research and discussion, he became instantly fascinated with the complexities shown between the organized, seemingly honest exchanges, negotiations, and transactions within a world considered illegal by societal standards. “It was incredible to learn about how some individuals put their lives on the line for money,” Hu said.

Year 2

LEARNING BY DOINGBUS 330 Study Abroad to Europe

Through the connections made within WC’s Business Department, Hu had the extensive opportunity to travel overseas into the cultural rich and captivating countries of Europe, exploring the different places in which others live and how their surroundings impact how they maintain and stabilize business. “We went to London, Brussels, and Amsterdam to learn about how different businesses function within their environments,” Hu said.

Year 3

MEMORABLE EXPERIENCEAllied Millennial Partners Intern (New York, NY)

Throughout the summer of his junior year, Hu took an internship at Allied Millennial Partners in New York, where he was put in charge of assisting a team with “many different trading strategies including coding our own strategy.” “I cold-called leads and worked on scripting different trading strategies on Optuma, a finance software product,” Hu said. “My team and I back and signal-tested many different lists filled with high performing ETFs.”

Year 4


As his senior year comes to a close, Hu, who is currently studying abroad in Paris for the fall semester, is looking forward to his spring semester classes, including potentially gaining newfound technological skills along the way. “When I come back from Paris, I hope to be taking several courses: Derivatives, Investments, Organizational Behavior, and Data Analysis,” Hu said. “I hope to also learn more about computer programming and different coding languages like Python, C++ and potentially JavaScript.” As for after college, Hu hopes to go back to New York for possible job opportunities in finance, as well as take graduate courses to further learn well into his profession while experiencing the world of his chosen profession. “I hope to land a finance job and go to graduate school in finance, ideally in New York,” Hu said. “I will be pursuing my CFA (a finance certification) and hoping to pass all three levels. In addition, I will be pursuing my series 7 and 63, more financial certifications.”